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Thank you for your interest in supporting our foundation!

Independence Service Dogs Foundation (ISDF) is dedicated to providing service, therapy, and comfort canines to individuals who are struggling to maintain independence due to circumstances beyond their control. Launched in August 2018, our extensive professional and volunteer experience in selecting, training, and handling service and therapy dogs well qualifies us to partner with local schools, hospitals, domestic violence shelters, and veterans’ programs to supply highly trained service, therapy, and comfort dogs to enhance existing support services provided. 

 The nonjudgmental attributes of pet therapy put people at ease and studies have shown that spending time with the animals can enhance many traditional therapeutic sessions.  Therapy and residential dogs are found to have great benefits in hospitals and nursing homes, as comfort dogs in court systems, in library reading programs, and as PTSD service dogs for veterans and victims of domestic abuse.  Pet therapy can help with motivation, stress relief, improvement in mood and performance, and increased self-esteem. In the short time since we launched our program, we have received a multitude of requests for visiting therapy dog teams, validating the importance of the service we are providing.

 By supporting ISDF, you can be a part of helping to provide dogs for people which will dramatically impact their ability to achieve independence. Service dogs save lives!  Your support can also help us provide specialized training for therapy teams - dogs and handlers - that provide emotional support to people in need.

 Here’s what your tax-deductible donations can provide:

$25 will provide for a volunteer T-shirt

$50 will provide for certification assessments for two new therapy teams

$100 will provide bandana’s for 10 therapy teams

$250 will provide visit coverage insurance for 3 therapy teams 

$500 will provide training and certification for a therapy dog team

$1000 will provide trading card sets for 10 therapy teams

$3000 will provide for a puppy to be trained as a service or resident dog

$5000 will provide for puppy in training costs such as food, vet bills etc

$20,000 will provide for a fully trained resident dog

$35,000 will provide for a full trained service dog

Thank you for your consideration in helping Independence Service Dogs Foundation. All our Service Dogs are fully funded through donations. Our therapy dog teams are all volunteers. Your gift will make a huge impact today, tomorrow and for the future of the foundation. 



Your donation allows us to help more women, children and veterans.

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